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switched from Cmder to alacritty + powershell + oh-my-posh, and it's been a ride. wasn't convinced at first and i do miss tabs, but the speed is awesome, powershell is actually kinda nice, and oh-my-posh is pretty

keepin busy writing a browser extension, a testing library, a store utility, learning about vector math, drawing pixel art, and now trying to switch from cmder to alacritty

i've been getting into the unhealthy habit of skipping breakfast and just having coffee in the morning

Nothing makes a programmer happier than a fresh, clean codebase. Nothing makes a programmer sadder than that same codebase, but 6 months later.

Below is one of my favorite IRC exchanges I've had.

<keb> Is anyone familiar with MS Sql? I know this isn't the right channel, but the general SQL and ASP.NET channels are rather inactive. Just need help making one query.
<thumbs> keb: ask #sql
<thumbs> keb: you're very welcome.
<keb> And I'm unfamiliar with ASP.NET and MS Sql.
<thumbs> keb: ask #sql
<keb> thumbs, lol I did.
<keb> thumbs, you just said that lol
<thumbs> keb: perfect. Then you're done here.
<keb> thumbs, lol, should I leave?
<thumbs> keb: feel free to idle and ask questions related to MySQL.
<keb> thumbs, who created MySQL?
<thumbs> keb: you may not ask MSSQL questions here, however.
<thumbs> keb: google it.
<keb> thumbs, can I use MySQL with Sega Genesis?
<thumbs> keb: sensible questions.
<keb> thumbs, what's the difference between MySQL and a ham sandwich?
* ChanServ sets quiet on *!*
<keb> lol
* #mysql :Cannot send to channel